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Could Butler County’s Drug Court be the right way for you to resolve your case?

by | May 24, 2021 | Drug Charges

There are generally two types of drug defendants. Some find themselves charged with possession or small-scale distribution charges. Others face large-scale sales, trafficking or manufacturing ones. 

Many individuals who end up facing the former lower-level charges themselves do so because they have developed an addiction. They often sell drugs to fund their dependency. 

In many cases, they’d like nothing more than to kick their addiction yet don’t have the tools to do so. Butler County’s Drug Court may be an option for getting you the help you need to take your life in another direction. 

Why was Butler County’s Drug Court created?

County officials set up Butler County’s Drug Court with the goal of enhancing public safety. Their impression was that if they could provide defendants with the behavioral health resources they needed, they could reduce recidivism down the road. 

What strategies does Butler County’s Drug Court utilize to achieve its goals?

The county’s Drug Court aims to ensure that participants abstain from the use of both prescription narcotics and illegal drugs. Its representatives subject Drug Court participants to random drug testing to ensure that they stay on a path of sobriety.

All participants in the Drug Court remain under the supervision of the Butler County Adult Probation Department to ensure to protect the general public and ensure that the defendants don’t commit any further crimes, thus reducing recidivism. Defendants must also demonstrate that they can secure housing and employment as conditions of their participation in Butler County’s Drug Court. 

Why might you want to participate in Butler County’s Drug Court?

Many defendants facing drug charges assume that their future involves them going to jail, only to get out and re-offend if they can’t find work, housing or get reeled back in by addiction. Your participation in drug court may result in a deferred sentence, and you get the help that you need to turn over a new leaf in your life.

Not everyone qualifies to participate in drug court, but you may find that it is a life-changing option for you if you can. An attorney can go over this and other potential strategies you can pursue as you start to weigh defense strategies in your case.