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Choosing The Right Family Law Attorney

Every family law circumstance is unique. That is because family law impacts all that is most important to you: your finances, home and children. It is therefore vital to have impactful guidance, representation and support.

I am attorney Melynda Cook Howard. I have been practicing law as an Ohio attorney for over 25 years. I founded my law firm, Cook Howard Law, Ltd., to serve my clients one-on-one, answer every one of their questions and pay attention to every detail of the case. To schedule a consultation, please call 513-790-2023 and we will work to find a time to discuss your family law matter.

What To Look For In An Attorney

With decades of family law experience, I understand the difference that good representation makes. For that reason, I do everything in my power to resolve your issue smoothly and effectively.

The family law services I provide include:

  • Divorce and dissolution
  • Post decree issues and rulings
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Modifications of parenting orders
  • Child Protection Orders (CPOs)
  • Adoption services

While working with you, I promise to make myself available to answer all of your questions. I will do my best to make you feel comfortable while discussing your marriage and family dynamics.

What Your Family Law Matter Will Likely Entail

Again, every situation is different. However, the issues often concern technical and legal aspects of your divorce, child custody and the allocation of parental rights and responsibilities and child visitation or parenting time.

A significant portion of my services concerns property division issues – assessing what is individual property and what is marital property. Depending on the length and circumstances of your marriage, alimony (now called spousal support) may also be a matter to negotiate or take to court.

I have extensive experience in all of these areas of family law, and I promise to devote significant time and attention to your issues. When you retain me, I will always keep your interests in mind in resolving your matter.

Turn The Page To The Next Chapter Of Your Life

Family law matters can take time to resolve. But for you to move forward, you will have to take the first step. Call Cook Howard Law, Ltd. for a one-on-one consultation. You can also send a question or reach out to me via my website inquiry email. I will respond to you right away. I serve clients throughout Butler, Warren, Preble and Montgomery County areas.