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Supporting e-learning while co-parenting

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Child Custody

Education is a priority for most parents, but methods of going to school are evolving. Some children are able to take virtual classes or go through a hybrid school schedule instead of having to go to classes in person five days per week.

For parents who are divorced, trying to work out the schedule so that the children to spend time with both parents can be more complicated if e-learning is a part of the equation. There are several points to consider if you’re faced with this.

Ensure the child has quiet time

Being able to focus is a primary concern for children when they’re taking e-learning classes. If the child will switch homes during the course of the school week, both parents must ensure that there is a quiet place for the child to do their work.

Set the plan for the equipment

Virtual classes will require the child to have a computer. Laptops are sometimes provided by the school. The parents need to ensure that the children will have access to the things they need for their classes. This includes being able to get on the Internet, so be sure that this is taken into consideration when you’re determining where the child will spend time.

Co-parenting children requires both parents to commit to compromising as situations change. It’s imperative that the children get what they need, regardless of which home they’re living in. Working through things like shifting from in-school learning to e-learning can be challenging. It is best for parents to include provisions about this in the parenting plan so you can refer to the terms as the transitions occur.