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What you need to know about possession of marijuana in Ohio

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Drug Charges

The legality of marijuana is often misunderstood by many. While marijuana is still illegal under federal law, several states have legalized medical and recreational marijuana. It only adds to the confusion.

Medical marijuana is legal in Ohio, although it is strictly regulated and controlled by state law. You can only access medical marijuana legally if you have a qualifying medical condition and are enrolled in the state registry. Still, you must obtain it from a state-approved dispensary. You cannot grow your marijuana even for medical use.  

The laws on recreational marijuana are different in Ohio. It is still largely illegal, with some slight legal variations.

Decriminalized possession of marijuana

Recreational marijuana is against the law but not always criminal. If you are caught in possession of less than 100g of marijuana, or less than one gram of liquid hashish or up to five grams of solid hashish, it is considered a minor misdemeanor punishable by a fine of $150

You will not go to jail, and neither will it appear on your criminal record.

Criminalized possession of marijuana

Things get serious if you are in possession of marijuana or its derivatives exceeding the amounts stated above. Anything more than that, and you could face a minimum of 30 days in jail or up to eight years in prison. 

The fines too are higher, ranging from $250 to a maximum of $20,000. You will also end up with a criminal record.

Are you facing a marijuana-related charge?

There is a lot at stake if you are charged with the possession of a controlled substance like marijuana. Therefore, it is necessary to get assistance on the best way of handling your case. 

With the proper guidance, it is possible to defend against the charges and increase your chances of avoiding a conviction.