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Co-parenting tips for the months ahead when you’re newly divorced

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2022 | Child Custody

If you just got divorced, you’re settling into a co-parenting relationship. If you’re going through a divorce right now, you’re probably debating what that co-parenting relationship is going to look like and what sort of custody rules you’re going to be using. 

Either way, you know that co-parenting is going to be difficult but that it is likely necessary after a divorce. Most courts are going to split custody between both parents. What can you do to make this go smoothly?

Agree to communicate

The biggest problem some couples face is when they don’t know how to communicate or they’re unwilling to do so. It is fully understandable that this can be hard after a divorce. But it’s important for you and your ex to seek some way to do so, even if that just means sending emails or text messages so you don’t have to talk in person.

Setting up similar rules

Things will go easier for both of you if you have similar rules in both houses. Of course, there’s no legal obligation to do so. You don’t have to agree to all the rules that your ex uses. But having some overlap may help the children understand their expectations and feel like life is a bit more stable.

Stick to the schedule

It’s very helpful to have an online calendar that makes it easy to check the custody schedule. Conflicts often arise when one person doesn’t drop the children off on time or fails to show up for some sort of obligation. As long as you and your ex both understand the schedule and work hard to stick to it, that makes things go well.

These are just three tips, but make sure you also understand all of your legal options as you move through this process.