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Ignorance of the law is no excuse where drugs are concerned

by | Dec 8, 2021 | Firm News

Many unfortunate Ohio residents have gotten convicted for breaking laws that they didn’t even know existed. That may seem unfair. However, the defense of ignorance will not hold up in the criminal court system.

What can this mean to Middletown residents who are not familiar with the Ohio criminal codes? Well, most adults know the difference between right and wrong, if not the actual definition. They have common-sense knowledge that it is illegal to kill, steal, kidnap or abuse a child or beat their wife. But what about drug laws, especially those that are subject to frequent changes?

Your ignorance could get you busted for drugs

Just a few short years ago, there were no provisions under Ohio law that allowed for the medicinal use of cannabis products. But since the laws have changed to accommodate the use of marijuana to treat various conditions, many Ohio residents are thankfully able to get the relief they need by using the drug legally.

Kratom is another substance that is banned outright in some states and jurisdictions and legal to possess and use in others. At this time, there are no laws here in Ohio forbidding the sale, possession or use of kratom. But that is not for the lack of trying on the part of the Ohio Board of Pharmacy (OBP) and others.

The status of kratom now

A new bill making its way through Ohio’s House Health Committee is designed “to regulate the processing, sale, and distribution of kratom.” While this partisan bill has yet to become law, it behooves kratom users to stay abreast of its progress to avoid running afoul of any proposed laws dealing with this often-controversial substance.

What if I get busted for drugs?

The best thing that you can do if you face drug charges is to remain silent until you can explore all your defense options.