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Can you get arrested for having medication in your vehicle?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2022 | Drug Charges

When you travel in your motor vehicle, your behaviors are subject to certain restrictions. You know you can’t consume alcohol or even certain prescription medication before driving. You may realize that certain dangerous items require special practices when you transport them, such as firearms. 

People may not realize that they could unintentionally violate the law with the way that they transport prescription medication. When could you be at risk of criminal charges over medication in your vehicle? 

When it does not belong to you

If you have prescription medication in your vehicle that belongs to someone else, a police officer might very well arrest you for possession. It is typically only legal for you to transport medication for someone else when it is still in a sealed package provided by a pharmacy. Otherwise, police officers will likely assume that you intend to use or distribute the medication rather than deliver it to the actual patient. 

When it is open or in a different container

You may have a valid prescription for a medication, but if you put it in a weekly pill planner or travel with the open bottle of medication in your pocket, officers might reach the conclusion that you use the medication before driving. 

If you make mistakes about how you store or transport medication or if you perform certain favors for friends or family members, you might find yourself facing drug possession or drugged driving charges. You could end up in prison or coping with a permanent criminal record.

Learning more about common medication mistakes could help you avoid serious drug charges.