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How significant is a temporary order in an Ohio divorce?

On Behalf of | May 31, 2023 | Divorce

You spent much of your relationship with your spouse trying to build a life together. Now that you’re about to break everything apart, the process is rarely simple.

Since a divorce can take months or even years before it is completely finalized, there are specific family issues that cannot wait this much time for a resolution. During your pending divorce case, a temporary order basically provides a temporary solution for urgent life decisions.

What is a temporary order?

Ohio’s courts, as outlined in Ohio Civil Rule 75 (N), issue a temporary order to regulate essential family matters while you and your ex await a final decision on your divorce. Every relationship produces a unique set of issues that a temporary order can cover, which may include the following:

  • Who will sell or stay in the marital home?
  • Who will be in possession of the family car?
  • Who is responsible for paying debts and other unsettled finances?
  • What are the arrangements for spousal support, child support and visitation schedule?
  • How are parental rights and other responsibilities allocated?

These temporary orders do not necessarily reflect the formal and final court ruling about these family concerns. Additionally, your ex-partner may also file a counter affidavit within 14 days of your request and the court decides based on both parties’ information. However, if the court does not receive a response from your ex-partner within the allotted time, they will proceed with deliberating your request. Sometimes, the court may also schedule a hearing you and your ex must attend.

Stabilizing status quo

More than just for your interests, a temporary order provides a semblance of stability for your child caught in the chaotic middle. A temporary order could strike a balance in your family’s fragile situation during the divorce process. With individualized legal guidance, you can create a comprehensive strategy for requesting and preparing a temporary order suitable for your circumstances.